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" I wasn't sure what to expect from a hot stone massage. I thought it was just hot stones placed on the body. What I received from Shelly was profoundly relaxing- for 90 minutes the outside world ceased to exist and I had sense of being truly and deeply pampered. She seemed to know what areas needed extra attention and I left feeling fantastic. I recommend this experience to everyone!     Julia Ward

For years I have used massage therapy on a regular basis to help with back pain. After visiting Swan Healing and receiving treatment I would be more than willing to recommend the service to all my friends and family, Shelly definitely provides a massage service that is second to no one.  The hot stone massage exceeded my expectations, helping not only with deep tissue knots and pains which I was accustomed to, but opening me up to a completely different experience leaving my entire body feeling rejuvenated.  The environment is completely welcoming and soothing, leaving the mind free to unwind and absorb while the body is tended. I will most definitely be a repeat patron.   P.S. - Guelph

I have known Shelly for several years and it is always a pleasure to receive the healing therapies Shelly gives.  Through her years of experience, Shelly has develop the intuitive gift of blending these therapies to provide what is best for each of her clients each time they come for a session.
I consider Shelly a Master in the healing arts especially when she gives a Reiki session.  She knows how to put herself aside so to speak to allow the Reiki White Light to flow and integrate where it is best needed.
I highly recommended Shelly if you are considering coming for self-care healing and nurturing at its best!
Heather Oliver, RMT

“Shelly is a gifted healer who has a high level of spiritual integrity and love for her work. She combines hot stones, massage, reiki, chakra balancing and her own intuition to provide a safe, healing place that is both relaxing and soothing for the soul. A session with Shelly has given me a way to relax and gain a personal balance within an environment that is loving, nurturing and non-judgemental. 
If you are looking for a way to connect more fully to your soul then I highly recommend Shelly’s services.”      Namaste

Shelly is one of the best innately talented healer's I have had the pleasure of working with-Her connection to the healing energies of the planet are extraordinary. I would recommend her to everyone.  -Donna Smith  

My head is clearer, brain is functioning well, there are no aches, pains or twinges, and I am once again climbing the four garage steps easily. The combination of your empathy, skill, caring nature, awareness, strong hands, flowing strokes, open mind and desire to do good things is powerful.    -Julian Bernard  

“Shelly works magic! Her wonderful energy, her amazing treatments and the environment she creates keep me coming back. All her treatments especially hot stone massage provides me perfect healing benefit. I absolutely recommend Shelly to any client who is looking for great and effective hot stone or just relaxation massage therapies.“   M.S - Guelph

It is somewhat difficult to put into words the positive experience of a stone massage at Swan Healing. Shelly Sanderson has magic hands when it comes to a stone energy massage. And it is not just her hands that are magic. Right from the moment you enter the tranquil and relaxing space which she has created at her massage centre at the Ignatius Centre, Loyola House, in Guelph, you are surrounded by scents and sounds that are conducive to mental and physical relaxation. Shelly herself is an extremely personable and competent individual whose presence alone is comforting and friendly. She immediately made me feel welcome in an un-intimidating way. The massage which Shelly offers is a relaxing combination of some conventional deep tissue massage therapy coupled with the use of cold and hot stones to relax the tired and stressed muscles. This in turn leads to a marked relaxation in the tired and stressed mind behind these muscles. Along with the massage there is a background musical accompaniment that is conducive to mental and muscular healing.This combination of mental, aesthetic and sensual stimulation and relaxation leads to a euphoric state that is hard to describe but wonderful to feel. And when the time comes to pay the bill for these services (for after all this is a business) the cost is more than reasonable and poses no threat to the state of well being generated by the massage.   As you can tell, I am a fan. Jim Vanderlip.