Energy work from Usui/Tibetan and Shamballa Reiki Master, Munay Ki rites, Axitonal Alighnment and Crystalline Dimensional Healing.  Reflexology and iMRS also available as individual sessions or combined with massage visit.

Over 50 warmed river massage stones are used for deep grounding and relaxation. The stones transfer healing heat and  are used for the massage. Heating the muscles promotes healing, it also assists the lymphatic system to release toxins, expelled by the massage. Stress is melted away and the nerves find a new calm. Chakra stones, back, arm, leg and toes stones are used. Pulse Electromagnetic Field Therapy iMRS and Magnesium Chloride salt water to assist with healing and pain relief.  

Doterra aromatherapy

Energy Work  

Massage Services

A combination of High Grade Doterra essential oils with your healing Reiki massage. Heated Stones and Magnesium Chloride salt are also included.  


Heated Stone Massage  

Relaxation intuitive Massage brings general well-being and is an excellent therapy for nurturing one’s self. Clients usually experience a significant release of stress and muscle tension in one session. Soothing lymphatic massage with Pure healing reiki energy may be just what you need to bring calm, thus helping to regain a sense of overall balance and well-being.

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Treatments are designed specifically to meet your needs.  All services may be applied individually or combined together in one visit. This unique approach is designed to target your specific, and often changing, needs. Regardless of the modality used, the goal of therapy is to relieve energy blockages, restore energy with balancing and uplifting your spirit! After a treatment, you can expect to feel completely relaxed and renewed, with an overall sense of nurtured well-being.