Swanhealing is a healing facility that specializes in heated stone relaxation therapy and intuitive massage. 

Doterra essential oil aromatherapy and magnesium chloride salt used with the iMRS-Pulse electricmagnetic field therapy for excellent results.  

Trained in Tibetan/Usui and Shamballa Reiki, Crystalline healing and reflexology.

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The Swan Healing Studio is located at the world-renowned Ignatius Jesuit Center in Guelph,Ontario. www.ignatiusguelph.ca This spiritual center is renowned for its multi-faith spiritual
retreats and training as well as its beautiful grounds, walking trails and ecological, organic farming facilities. Similarly, the Swan Healing studio aspires to reflect the same level of peaceful and nurturing energies.


Shelly Sanderson

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Shelly Sanderson is devoted to her vocation and continual growth as a healing arts practitioner for now three decades.  She works with a high standard of ethics and practises for the highest good for her clients. Conversation is welcome or a session in silence are both nice. 
Using a gentle, deeply caring and intuitive approach, Shelly treats each client with individualized care. Guided by a blend of training, experience, and intuition, she carefully selects the best options to target their individual (and often changing) needs; consequently, most treatments include a combination of modalities. Shelly strives to provide her valued clients with the highest level of treatment to ensure they leave each session with an overall sense of nurtured well-being.